Universal Top selling product is Backup Washers

Universal Top selling product is Backup Washers
7/3/2019 12:43:01 PM

These Parts can be made in 95A Yellow or Black. Normally Yellow is Metric and Black is Imperial.

WE can also make these in 60D Grey, 70D Safari or Black, 82A Black and 92A Black.

Colour can be changed to whatever you require.

Why pick a Urethane backup washer over the Parbak? Urethane will withstand higher pressures, can be stretched up to 4 times itself and will go back to its original shape. This allows for easy installation. Urethane has a high tensile strength.

Back Up Washers are used in conjunction with ‘O’ Rings for both static and dynamic sealing applications. They prevent extrusion of the ‘O’ Ring when it is subjected to high pressures, or when the extrusion gaps are excessive.

Whenever possible two Back Up Washers should be used, one on each side of the ‘O’ Ring.

All Series 19 Back Up Washers are continuous one-piece rings, so they will not pinch ‘O’ Rings. The Polyurethane material used, allows the rings to be stretched over pistons for easy installation.

New **We know have an option for Backup washers that exceeds the European requirements** It is not moulded with a Moca Curative.  We use E300 curative for the European market which gives the same or better physical properties.  Available in yellow.


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