90 Duro O-Rings

A hard polyurethane material makes these o-rings especially suitable for applications with high or pulsating pressures

Characteristics Series 20 (INCH SIZES)

Series 20 polyurethane ‘O’-rings are rugged, versatile seals, suitable for both dynamic and static sealing applications. They are manufactured from thermosetting liquid cast polyurethane of 92A Durometer, and have exceptionally good abrasion resistant and extrusion resistant qualities. Polyurethane normally gives up to 10 times the service of nitrile rubber.

Their consistent quality exceeds the standards recommended for ‘O’ –rings by the American “Rubber Manufactures Association”.

The suggested temperature and pressure limits are: -40 to +195 degrees F and 0 – 5,000 PSI, respectively.

Dynamic Sealing Applications

‘O’-rings are often used as rod or piston seals in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The ’O’-ring must be installed in a rectangular groove with the correct radial squeeze

Static Sealing Applications

‘O’-rings may also be used as static seals, in flange connections, covers, pins, bolts, etc. The hard polyurethane material makes these ‘O’-rings especially suitable for applications with high or pulsating pressures. Correct gland dimensions are important for effective sealing.


For static face seal applications see also Series 11 Flange Seals, Technical Bulletin UFS -96.


  • TYPE: Unithane 292A, Liquid Cast Polyurethane.
  • HARDNESS: Durometer 92A.
  • FLUID COMPATABILITY: See ‘Material Specifications’, Technical Bulletin US – 96.