Piston Glide Rings Series 90


Piston Glide Rings are used in conjunction with square section nitrile rubber energizers. The square section ensures the ring stability under varying pressures and speeds.

The Glide Ring material is a hard (65 shore D) thermoset polyurethane with a modulus to resist extrusion.

The dynamic surface is impregnated with molybdenum disulfide (MS0=E2=82=82) to reduce friction.

In addition to the standard sizes shown, which interchange with PTFE rings, tooling is available for most other sizes. Unlike PTFE rings, the elastic properties of the polyurethane make installation easy, without the need for special tooling.


  • TYPE:Unithane 460 D, Liquid Cast Polyurethane
  • HARDNESS: Durometer 65 D
  • FLUID COMPATABLILITY: See Material Specifications: Technical Bulletin USM-03