Interview with Blaine Shannick, Manager Universal Seal.

Interview with Blaine Shannick, Manager Universal Seal.
3/8/2023 10:17:01 AM

Interview with Blaine Shannick

A year ago, we were telling our customers 14-16 weeks delivery. We are now telling clients 4-6 weeks delivery and, some items, are getting shipped earlier than that.
It is both that our manufacturing has gotten caught up and raw materials are readily available now. Transit times are still very long as warehousing for raw material takes a lot of time to get out.
We have a skilled staff in our manufacturing plant that has helped to get the backlog down. We still have issues with receiving our raw materials.
Manufacturing lead time has been significantly reduced.
We have the odd bottle-neck but we are mostly able to handle it at this point in time.
Lack of raw material and the cost going up significantly. We had to overstock the materials to meet the production demand.
I expect supply should be better for 2023 and hopefully see the pricing to come back down.