Tallest Demolition Machine | Kobelco SK3500D

Tallest Demolition Machine | Kobelco SK3500D
3/28/2019 1:34:30 PM

KOBELCO large-size SK3500D demolition machines, with a working height of 65.03 m, are the largest in the world. These machines were designed to dismantle.

With all the massive towers that are built in cities, when those building need to eventually come down a special piece of equipment is needed. On this episode we bring you the tallest demolition machine. The Kobelco SK3500D crane or this thing you see here was designed as a tool for demolition of very tall structures. With a maximum working height of 213 feet or 65 meters this is the equivalent of a 21 story building. Reaching up with it’s long arm a mechanical claw is used to demolish the building. The crab claw like pincer may look small from the ground, but it’s actually huge. With a cutting force of 1300 there’s not much it can’t crush. The sk3500d is shipped onto site in a handful of pieces where’s it’s assembled for the demolition. This machine has an operating mass of 327KN tons and a top speed of 0.7 mph or 1.1 km/h. With a working radius of 72 feet or 22 meters it makes quick work of the job which is usually old plants, foundries and sometimes buildings. Oddly enough this crane can be found as a toy painted in the same teal color as this SK3500D which is linked below.


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