Watch our new video on the manufacturing of our Piston Uniring.

Watch our new video on the manufacturing of our Piston Uniring.
9/30/2021 7:30:37 PM

We are proud that the Piston Uniring was patented by Universal Seal and is manufactured at our facility in Ontario Canada.

In this video you can see our highly skilled staff working with our patented “spin cast” centrifugal molding process. The innovative single piece Uniring™ Piston Seal provides longer part life and, in most cases, lower front-end costs.

The trimming department is our precision team that creates accurate cuts to engineer this product for your specific purpose. Each Uniring is hand trimmed by our operators to get the finish and characteristics that you require. The Piston Uniring is ideal for hydraulic applications that need pressure in both directions.

Each Uniring is inspected by a Q&A technician to meet our strict quality control requirements. We have precision tools that we use in conjunction with visual inspection to ensure that we meet the highest global standards.

The final stage in our process is the shipping department that weighs and labels our product. To find out how you can have Piston Unirings delivered to you, call us today at Toll Free: 1.800.267.0676 (USA and Canada) or 613-332-3182.

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