We put an extension on the factory and redid the staff cafeteria

We put an extension on the factory and redid the staff cafeteria
2/3/2024 1:42:45 PM

Universal Seal, a leading manufacturer of seals in rural Ontario since 1967, is pleased to announce the completion of its factory expansion plan. The project included a new conference space for visitors, a new management office wing, an improved façade and a newly renovated staff cafeteria and break area.

Our products are exported to more than 20 countries worldwide and support the economic growth and job creation in the Bancroft region.

The average tenure of staff is 17 years, and they were overdue for some facility improvements. Last year an outdoor gazebo was built. This year the investment was made to update the interior of the staff room and cafeteria and create a large new extension with a visitor conference area and multiple new office spaces.

The old configuration was that corporate offices were housed in a separate building. The physical distance decreased the amount of synergy between management and the manufacturing staff.

Staff can now regularly check in with administration, scheduling, and production management as they are now housed in a connected building. The extension gives the capability to host meetings and functions with all the staff in the company in one large conference room. The intention is to increase communication, employee satisfaction and collaboration at Universal Seal.

The updated modern work area was intended to improve company morale and job satisfaction. The new cafeteria can foster a sense of community and collaboration among employees by facilitating casual conversations and networking opportunities. It can enhance employee satisfaction and engagement by showing appreciation and care. The design and layout of all the new spaces were designed to be inviting, comfortable, and functional for both staff and visitors alike. 

Quotes from our staff:

Gordon – Cutting Dep.
"The new lunchroom is a great improvement over the old one. It has more natural light and a cozy vibe that makes it easier to unwind and recharge. There is an open concept to give plenty of room to sit and chat."

Diana – Spinner Dep.
"I am so grateful for the improved break area. It makes such a difference to have a cozy, bright and practical space to relax and recharge."

Cody – Robots
"The new paint and open space create a more pleasant environment for taking breaks. I appreciate the efforts to improve our workplace."

Serena – Trimming / Spinners
"Smells nice now, warmest spot in the building which is nice. Floors are lovely, washrooms are comfortable now. Lots of natural light which is refreshing and invigorating. Coverings on the tables are nice and clean which makes eating pleasant. I absolutely love the locker space."

Wanda – Office
"Office and kitchen are a delight to me. They make me feel more positive about coming to work, with their brightness and freshness. I appreciate that we don't have to go outside to get to the plant. As the cleaner, I find it easier and more rewarding to clean. It looks neat and tidy."


 staff cafeteria and break area.